Abrasive Blasting

20K lb. Pinion Post Blasting and 40K lb. Machine Base Being Blasted(left) 20,000 lb. Mil Pinion after blasting at Derrick.
(right) 40,000 lb. Machine Base being blasted and prepped for paint.

The best method of surface prep

to improve adhesion & increase coating life

Paint and coating manufacturers recommend Abrasive Blasting as the best method to prepare surfaces prior to the application of their products due to its ability to remove surface contaminants while also imparting an anchor pattern/profile to the substrate, which greatly improves adhesion. Abrasive blasting reduces surface prep time compared to manual hand tool cleaning, from hours to just a fraction of the time. Derrick offers a variety of blasting methods and blast media to customize the surface prep process to meet your precise specifications.

  • Air Blasting (nozzle blast)
  • Table Blasting
  • Tumble Blasting
  • Steel Shot/Grit
  • Mineral (Star Blast/Garnet)
  • Glass Bead/Crushed Glass


  Rotex Trough

Blast Rooms

Derrick has four large blast rooms to process very large, medium, and small industrial components. We also have tumble and table blast machines for processing smaller and high volume parts.

Area Size (WxHxL) Type
Blast 1
Blast 2
Blast 3
Tumble Blast
Table Blast
11' x 9' x 30'
15'6" x 13' x 40'
9' x 16'x 40'
10' x 12' x 16'
6 cubic feet
96" diameter
Air Blast
Air Blast
Air Blast
Air Blast
Wheel Blast
Wheel Blast