Industrial Painting

When it comes to industrial painting you need to be confident in results, and therefore the expertise of your industrial painting company.  Derrick Company has been ASTM D4228 Certified amongst other certifications, divulged from our vast experience in several different industries.  Currently we are working on a very large, months-long high performance abrasive blast and paint project requiring a third party NACE Level III inspector on sight at all times to monitor performance.  There have been ZERO instances of re-work due to paint quality issues.  To name a few, we’ve worked with the military, chemical, nuclear, power generation, and transportation industries!  Also, we’re a corporate member of the SSPC (the society for protective coatings.)

In order to perform industrial sized painting jobs, you also need the right facilities.  At Derrick Company we’ve recently added to our industrial spray painting facility, as we continually try to improve, and meet the needs of our clients. These facilities are able to handle heavy equipment, and large scale projects. After this recent addition we now have 4 spray area sizes:

Spray Areas        Size (WxHxL)

#1                           40’10”x12’x38’

#2                           14’x12’x50’

#3                           14’x12’x15’

#4                           26’x23’x60’ 

All of our spray areas are environmentally controlled, take advantage of fantastic technology that controls curing cycles, and frequently use the highest performance products

We apply your specified paint systems to your standards, and are very familiar with the most common high-performance paint systems including:

  • Zinc/Epoxy/Urethane
  • Polyamide
  • High Heat
  • Water Base
  • Shop Prime
  • Enamel

To learn more about our Industrial Painting Services visit our industrial painting page, spray painting, or heavy equipment painting pages on our website.  You can also find the contact information for each of our representatives, here.  Thank you for considering Derrick Company, and we hope to be in touch with you soon!

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