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Derrick Company provides metal heat treating, abrasive sandblasting, spray painting, and industrial metal finishing services to customers in the United States and in Canada. We can handle small parts 50 pounds and up and we specialize in processing medium to industrial size parts from 1,000 to 100,000 pounds plus. We process metal, steel, alloys, weldments, fabrications, castings, pressure vessels, and other industrial and heavy equipment components.

Quality, Service, And Experience In Metal Industries

Derrick customers receive individual, focused attention on their projects, from management to truck drivers, and all points in between. Presently the company is proudly owned and operated by members of the fourth and fifth generations of the Frank J. Derrick family. Our staff brings over 80 years of industry specific experience to the table to assist you with your large metal heat treating, abrasive blasting, and industrial Spray Painting projects.

The tradition at Derrick Company is not so much to be trendy, but to hold to a core set of values and principles that have guided us through the generations: Respect, Hard Work, and Dedication. When you believe firmly in these principles, quality, value, and service are the results. Our daily objective at Derrick Company is to meet the customer’s needs in every way possible. This web site illustrates our unique facility and highlights our ability to handle some of the largest heat treating, abrasive blasting, and industrial painting projects produced today. When it comes to heat treating, abrasive blasting, and industrial painting of large parts, those in various metal industries say…

Send it to Derrick in Cincinnati.
They do the big stuff!

Please contact us for additional information about our services, or allow us to assist you with planning your next heat treating, abrasive blasting, and industrial spray painting project.

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