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Derrick Company Cincinnati | Heat Treating-Industrial Painting


Derrick specializes in processing very large and heavy parts. We also process medium and small parts on a routine basis. Some of the services we perform include stress relieving, annealing, & normalizing. Aluminum Heat Treating is now available.


Derrick’s blast facilities are able to process large parts up to 50 tons in our car bottom air blast rooms, as well as large lots of smaller parts in our wheel blast machines.


Derrick’s unique paint facilities give us the ability to apply a simple coat of shop primer or a highly technical, multi-coat paint system to your specification on very large and unique shaped industrial parts, as well as medium and small components.

We provide metal heat treating, abrasive blasting, and industrial spray painting services throughout the United States and Canada.  We can handle small parts 50 pounds and up and specialize in processing medium to large industrial size parts from 1,000 to 100,000 pounds plus.

We process carbon and stainless steels, other alloys, iron & steel castings, forgings, weldments, pressure vessels, and many other industrial and heavy equipment components.



As a fifth generation family owned business, we understand the importance of long-standing relationships. At Derrick Company, our tradition is built on a core set of values that have guided us through the generations: Respect, Hard Work, and Dedication. Our goal is to meet the customer’s needs in every way possible. At Derrick, you and your projects receive individual, focused attention, from a team with over 80 years experience.

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