What is Bead Blasting Used For? There are a lot of different ways to treat and work with metal parts of all sizes. Bead blasting can use media that are metal, glass, or ceramic to treat the surface of stone and various types of metal. It is sometimes also referred to as shot peening. Abrasive blasting methods like this are particularly useful for a variety of jobs, such as resurfacing, strengthening, and even cleaning of tough surfaces. Resurfacing Abrasive blasting is using an abrasive material that is propelled toward a surface at a high speed. For resurfacing projects, this can help create a unique texture and design on a given material. It can also be used in order to prepare surfaces for subsequent treatment, such as painting. Items that might need to be resurfaced include:

  • Car parts, to remove old paint before a new paint job
  • Airplane parts before painting
  • Stone or cement for a construction job
  • Aluminum for construction purposes
Strengthening Bead blasting is often used to help increase the strength of metal materials. A common place to see this done is with firearms. Owners may opt to subject the barrel of a firearm to some peening, which often can dull the finish and allow it to take paint a little easier. Aircraft parts are also subjected to such blasting in order to increase the parts’ toughness against fatigue. Cleaning At Derrick Company, our blast rooms can take on parts of many different sizes. This is great for individual parts that need to be blasted for resurfacing or strengthening purposes, but blasting can also be a great way to clean items. If you bead blasted the tile and grout in your pool, for example, you just might be able to get rid of some of those stubborn calcium deposits and fungus. Bead blasting can be used for a variety of purposes. There is very little to clean up after a blasting job, and it can make a clean-up job go several times faster. If you have a project that could benefit from a little abrasive blasting, contact us at Derrick Company to see how we can help.]]>