Sand Blasting Benefits | Derrick Company

Benefits of Sand Blasting Sand blasting has several different benefits and it’s by far the most common way of sanding and cleaning a metal surface. Sandblasting is well-suited for the removal of rust, cleaning metal, and smoothing it. Removing the rust on metal is imperative to many metal equipment and structures because rust can severely damage surfaces. Think of rust like it’s the scourge of many, many pieces of metal. Sandblasting cures the rust, though. It can actually remove damage and get equipment into good working condition again. Properly removing rust from your metal is the single most important step we can help you take to ensure that your surfaces have a long life span and is in the best condition it can be in. Other benefits of sand blasting include:

  • Harmful Surface Contaminants Are Eliminated by Blasting
  • Blasting Improves Speed and Accuracy in Laser Cutting
  • Life of the Laser Eye is Extended by Blasting
  • Cleaning Time is Reduced from Hours by Hand, to Minutes by Blasting
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