What is Heat Treating? - Derrick Company

What is Heat Treating? Heat treating is a process that is used in metalworking industries to change the physical properties of a material. Heat treating can also change the chemical properties of a material. This application and procedure is referred to as metallurgy. Metallurgy is defined as the science that deals with extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals. Heat treatments are essentially used to manufacture parts and materials and to change the composition of those parts, creating a new or different material. Heat treatment can involve both heating and chilling, often to temperature extremes. Heat treating can harden or soften the material to arrive at the desired result. All of our heat treating equipment here at Derrick Co. is certified to do the job right. We provide heat treating services for annealing, quenching, and stress relief processes. We provide stress relief heat treatment for the following purposes:

  • Metal heat treatment
  • Re-aging
  • Age hardening
  • AWS stress relief
  • ASME code stress relief (Sec. 8 Div. 1)
We also provide annealing and quenching heat treatment for the following purposes:
  • Normalizing and tempering
  • Stress relief
  • Solution and sub-critical annealing
  • Solution and Sub-critical Annealing
  • Atmosphere Annealing – Argon and Nitrogen
  • Air Quenching and Forced Air Quenching
  • Water Quenching
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